Each crisis has blessings and it’s your job to find out what it is for you.

change_corona Each crisis brings blessings. So does Corona virus.

This is what pops up to my mind when I was watching what’s happening around the world right now. Crises, panic, fear, and uncertainty.

Well, nothing happens just like that. For no reason. Either you believe it or not, this crisis is the result of our inner thoughts. The collective thinking. Maybe desires to stop working hard and have time for yourself, your families, re-prioritize your values and what’s matters to you? It’s time to dig deep inside each of us since we have time for it. Finally. Time to think and create new desires, new thoughts of what we want instead of what we don’t want.

It’s time for companies to appreciate their people and realises, that the company doesn’t close when people work fewer hours, that gives them options working from home and flexible hours can be even more productive at the same time. It’s time to see that the digital world is not such a bad and scary thing at all because it helps us to connect with those who are miles away and still be by their side. It’s time to appreciate all inevitable changes happening right now and create all goodness out of it.

family_at_home Each crisis brings blessings. So does Corona virus.

As we do have power over our thoughts so we have the power to change circumstances in our life. Right now! Let’s appreciate all good and enjoy all the benefits these crises bring to us because it won’t last forever. It’s in your power to create an even better future than your “usual” life. You have that power inside of you. More people you inspire with your powerful thoughts more good thoughts will spread around the world with your view of an even better future.

It all starts with you!