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Hi, I’m MartinaK

Clarity & Alignment Coach and I empower women who feel stuck, confused, frustrated to find clarity in their life, their unique path, so that they can progress with confidence and live a fulfilling career and life they desire


Born to live my life to the fullest and drink coffee


I am in love with life and always up for new challenges, adventure and a good laugh


A limitless spirit, truth seeker with a wicked sense of humour looking for other crazy spirits to do skydiving with


I am here to learn, love, laugh, give and serve. I am here for YOU


Clarity coaching is the result of my personal journey when I was desperately looking for that “special something” to make me happy although it was all the time inside of me


How did I get here? Why and where it all started? Read below

It was a typical grey morning in London. Dull, rainy, and cold. That morning it hit me. What am I doing here? Why am I here? I found myself living in London with no friends, family, and working at the job I hated. I came here to change my life but instead, I was stuck in a cruel reality.

I was in my thirties, single, with the job just to survive. I came here to change my life and look at me!

I was frustrated with my life! I felt trapped, stuck, fed up and tired with a constant change just to get the same or similar results. I lost my confidence and hardly believed in myself, my skills, or that I had anything to offer. Everything that I have worked for was gone.

I knew that I could go back home and live a comfortable life back there. I had friends, family and I could find another job any time. I have done it before, so why not again?!

I couldn’t! I didn’t want an average life, I wanted the extraordinary one. I wasn’t willing to give up! I couldn’t give up on my dream! That was all I had left. It was who I was! It felt like giving up on me! Selling my soul and pretending that I am somebody else. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I knew deep down there is more in life than I was experiencing. I wanted more. I wanted to have a wealthy life, full of memories, excitement and new experiences, fun, a partner to connect with at all levels, close friends, financial independence, and be attractive and beautiful. There was so much more inside of me than I was currently using and could offer to others. I wanted to have it all! Why not? Why not me?!

I could see it all around me so why not me?  What was I missing? Is it really about the luck, rich family behind, supernatural intelligence, or a spectacular beauty?

I had no answers back then but I wanted to. I was willing to figure it out no matter what. There must be something better, some better life, even for me!

So my search, my journey has begun. I had no idea where or how to start or what exactly I was looking for. How to make my dream “happen”.

Have you heard the expression: “Wanting to change the world while remaining the same?” Yep, that was me! I was taking significant, bold actions, moving from one place to another, trying different things while hoping for different outcomes. I literally had no idea what I was doing so I felt so miserable.

Until I finally learned my lesson!  

All I had to do was to work on myself – my inside first. Not the other way around. And still, there are plenty of people out there doing the same. I did not know what or how to change to and what did it mean “inside first”?

When I finally got it, things started to happen for me! I discovered something fundamental. And that’s also the reason I want to share this message with you today. 

Taking control of my inner life was the most important thing I could do.

I started small, where I was, and with what I had. Learning about myself, finding the real me. I became the watcher of my thoughts, developed patience and fell in love with NOW and my journey as it is.

Today, I can honestly say that I am madly in love with myself, others, and the whole world as it is – the perfect imperfection. I have built a resilient mindset and can see the perfect order and meaning in everything that’s happening to me or around me. I feel good anytime I want to because I know how to be in charge of my life.

My relationships have naturally improved and as a result, I experience more love, joy, and abundance in my life. I work less and achieve more while having more fun because I know the power of being in the flow.

Whatever change you are looking for, it all starts with you!

What would your life look like if you knew how to be in charge of your life?

What would it mean for you?

How would your life change? How would your health, financial circumstances, your relationships and life in general look like?

Book your clarity call before you jump into action and save yourself time, money and painful lessons. Get awareness you are seeking, regain the self-confidence, take charge of your life, and let the wanted outcomes come to you. Live life you will love with no regrets.

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