ledge-2203667_640-1 What is your limit for greatness?

What is your limit for greatness? Do you have a limit for good things that can happen to you? You are probably thinking, what a nonsense! I would never do that to myself! Well, so keep reading…

Married at first sight?

Recently I was watching the show “Married at the first sight” where experts match together 2 strangers and they get married. They blindly trust their experts and get married not knowing who to.   

The real show starts after the marriage – knowing each other, adapting, exploring…  Sometimes it’s a complete disaster, sometimes a good laugh, and sometimes a perfect match.

I was lucky to see the “perfect match” and it all seemed perfect. What surprised me the most was the comment from a new wife while she was talking to experts about how things are going: “It’s all too good to be true, I am just waiting what’s the catch and when it’s all going to end.”

Be honest to yourself. Have you ever found yourself saying these words: it’s too good to be true? Everything is so perfect and then, back in your mind, you silently waited for the coming “catch”.

I have done it so many times. Until recently, when I learned about limits for greatness and thanks to this comment, I have realized something very important: I had a very low limit for great things to happen to me. I needed to raise my standards.

Here is one example of how it showed up in my life:

You can have it all

good-1122969_640 What is your limit for greatness?

My old belief – “I had to choose – success or love” was holding me back from a career success for a very long time. My core driver is love and connection. Each time I got closer to achieving promotion, I subconsciously sabotaged myself turning it down or attracting events when the promotion was surprisingly cancelled.

Of course, I was disappointed, but deep down I was also relieved. Because I thought I had to choose – love or professional growth.

How it all started and where it’s coming from? I am glad you have asked. Let me dig a little bit deeper, it may be helpful for you. So let me explain:

The biggest fear

My biggest fear was to be alone. Still, now, I can hear those words my Mum was telling me as a little girl each time we had a different opinion on something: you are stubborn like your aunt.

My aunt was single and never had children. And that was the meaning I took away from innocent comment not knowing what my brain of that little girl picked up at such an early age.

I will stay single like my aunt because I am like her – stubborn.

What you are fighting against, you are attracting. I wanted to prove to my Mum and especially myself, that is so not true, so since then I unknowingly became a people pleaser afraid to speak up, scared to express my own opinions, and trying to be someone else so that everyone around me is happy. So I was labeled as a “nice girl”. The label I was wearing for many years …

Who is the real YOU?

Truth is that I am nice, sometimes. Sometimes I am angry too. I am a selfish, mean, and stubborn person too. In certain situations. I got it all. So do you.

aircraft-3007303_640 What is your limit for greatness?

I have learned that those labels we have been wearing don’t reflect who we truly are. Everything serves the purpose.

What is stopping you to live your greatness? Because you can have it all.

Too many coats

I have been working with women helping them to find their unique path. Despite they all know deep down what their path, it’s their limit that stopping them to shine fully. 

It’s like wearing too many coats and you can’t even remember the most beautiful blouse you bought yourself ages ago. The one that fits you perfectly. The one that allows you to fully shine, it makes you stand out and make your hair glossier than ever before. The one you look adorable at and fall in love with yourself and the people around you too.  

Although it’s been a while since I stopped limiting myself, I still remember that dreadful feeling. So I know exactly how you feel. I have been there and my clients too.

BUT I was able to find myself and others a fulfilling career without sacrificing relationships. Actually, those are blooming since then.

I know you have a calling too and you want more from life than you are currently letting yourself live. I would love to explore this further with you so book a clarity call with me here and let’s discover the amazing the real you together.

With love,

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