I am super excited to share the interview I had the opportunity to do thanks to amazing host Zhanna Shpits.

She is not only a big-hearted woman, award-winning Entrepreneur, speaker, talented singer, and devoted Mum, but she is the real-life example of her powerful message “don’t wait to create”.

She didn’t wait to create The KidzUniverse with her two kids serving on her board of directors, every step of the way. Since 2003, her six-figure company has helped children under 7 years of age and their families learn to love music and movement and connect, and in doing so, grow and become instruments for love, connection, and peace.

This episode is for you if you are searching for meaning, purpose, bigger mission and have no idea how or where to start. I was at your position a few years ago, felt lonely, broke, and miserable in a foreign country, and had only a big dream that kept me going.