celebration-3301738_640 Find a fulfilling career WITHOUT sacrificing certainty and security

Have you ever had that burning feeling at work that you are at the wrong place? Job is not that bad, it pays your bills, people are ok and you have your security, at least for now, right?

But… you know deep down inside of you that something is missing. That there is so much more you can offer, be, do, and have… somewhere else.

But you are scared to give up and jump to insecurity, uncertainty and especially when you lack the confidence or the belief in yourself that it will work.

More dead than alive?

alive-1123023_640 Find a fulfilling career WITHOUT sacrificing certainty and security

So you do nothing about it. Except, the inner fire inside you, that special feeling of excitement and being alive has burned out. You feel half-dead than living. You even feel guilty for feeling this way because you “should” be grateful for this job these days.

Do you recognize yourself? I do. I have been there and a few times. So I took the risk and jump…

… and I felt. Bad luck? Bad economy? Bad idea?

I was back in a different job a few months later and in a similar situation. Unfulfilled, empty but secure. I had to pay my bills somehow.

It took me a few trials and errors to recognize this pattern – going back to square.

There is always another way

I constantly experienced the inner conflict to either follow my calling for something better, different, for more, and then… the urgency to live a normal life and be able to pay my bills but feeling empty inside.

doors-4295566_640 Find a fulfilling career WITHOUT sacrificing certainty and security

I know I am not alone. I have been watching plenty of my friends who got sick because they suppressed their emotions – desires and went for security instead. Or then are those who took the risk, followed their dreams, and failed.

We all heard many of those stories, failed businesses and only the top 2 % who make it. We hardly believe it could happen to us. Yeah, like I am the lucky one when it didn’t work before.

Let me tell you, there is a way out of it. But you can’t get there from where you are now! What does it mean?  You have to love what you do now before you do what you love.

Smart move of successful people

All successful people know it and use it. I call it a smart move – get clarity first before you jump into action.

Important decisions should be made in our heart but to execute them, it has to come from full alignment = when your heart and mind are ONE.

Here are the first 2 steps to build the momentum to make a smart action reality:

  1. Recognize your feelings, your inner voice. Don’t ignore it, don’t suppress. Your feelings are your guide to put you in the right direction. Read this article here about what it can cause if you don’t. Would you believe how many people ignore this step, their feelings because they have no idea what do they mean? So they end up living a life full of resentment, inner anger, and frustration or eventually settle for less and give up.
  2. Get clear on what YOU want – Another mistake I have seen repeating over and over again. Chasing money, great ideas, betting on hope, luck, or trying to fit into someone else’s shoes, is not the way to move forward. It was my case so many times before. Missing clarity and chasing money instead of going for what I really want.

Secure way out

That’s the reason I am writing to you. You don’t have to settle down for less or risk it all. There is always another way.

If this message resonates with you if you feel the inner calling to experience something more, better than you have now let me invite you to the call to find a fulfilling  career without sacrificing your security or certainty.

You will get clarity on yourself and your next step. You will build confidence, self-belief, and knowledge on how to do what you love.

Make your change fun, enjoyable, loveable, and a profitable journey full of powerful connections. Accept my invitation and book your call here.

With Love,

signature Find a fulfilling career WITHOUT sacrificing certainty and security