Search for a success formula

Are you desperate to unlock the formula to a happy life and success? Are you in the search looking, trying and testing different things? Are you asking yourself if there is any formula to a being happy?

Well, my answer may surprise you but it’s really that simple: Accept & Love life as it is.

Does it sound crazy to you? Why you should accept and settle for something you don’t like? Something that’s not good enough?

F-1 Unlocking the formula to success and happy life

If you are a go-getter, this idea sounds crazy. But for the record, I mentioned nothing about settling. Accept and love as it is in reality not how you see it.

Are you confused even more? I was too a few years ago when I kept asking myself why am I not getting the results I want? From my point of view, I was doing almost everything right, best as I knew.

I had a good job, I was working hard, long hours but inside … ou boy, I was frustrated, angry, lonely and miserable person and I didn’t like myself. At all! I became a master at beating up myself.

I was obsessed with the success formula to find the happiness I was striving for. To bring more wealth, abundance, joy, love, and happiness – to find fulfillment in my life.

I knew that it all starts with me! But what does it mean?

Action is the answer

At the beginning of my journey, I thought the action was the answer. If I don’t do anything and change it, nothing or nobody will do it for me. Don’t we hear it all the time?

And that’s true, partly. Except, not each action is THE action. What do I mean?  If you take action with the same thinking, nothing will change for you. In the beginning, it all looks great. A new beginning, a fresh start, a pinky rosy road is ahead of you.

But as days pass by, you start to notice that pink doesn’t look so pinky anymore. It somehow is different from the picture you had and how it should be.

Eventually, you find out that nothing has changed. The same old life caught you up.  Again. Maybe people are different, the place is different, but… you are the same. The same old you. Bad luck? It can happen, you can’t change the economy or people, right? After 2 or 3 rounds you start asking yourself:

  • Why is it happening to me?
  • What’s wrong with me?

The more you are asking these or similar questions, the more you are beating up yourself and maybe even think that you don’t work hard enough, you are not smart enough, you don’t know enough. So you work even harder and more. Can you relate?

Your thoughts create your reality

Finally, you realize, that it’s not about action but your thoughts create reality. In the end, it’s all around you – social media are talking about it all the time. Of course! Now it all makes sense! How could I miss it?

 You start using positive affirmations, think positive, meditating, creating the vision board, listening to positive podcasts to replace your old thoughts with empowering ones. Can you relate? The more you keep thinking positively, the more you are pushing your negative feelings inside.

You got to do it, girl. You gonna make it. Be positive… and then crush comes. It’s just a bad day, that happens. Tomorrow is another day and a new start. The new cycle starts all over again until the next crush. The more you are repressing negative thoughts and pushing down your emotions and trying to be positive, the more crushes you attract. The emotional roller coaster! 

Why is it happening? What wrong am I doing? Am I meditating right? Am I doing it right? Probably I need a different mentor, a new coach… Can you relate?

I certainly can! I was there x-times. I stopped counting for my own well-being. Until I got it!

Give up the “only” positive illusion

Being in a peak state all the time is impossible. Bad days, bad moments are part of life. Keep striving for constant happiness which doesn’t exist? It’s non-sense! If you are doing it, please, give up this illusion.

Start listening to your emotions. They are your feedback to tell you something. That may be some unhealed trauma is still inside of you? That may be that anger, frustration, hurt or pride are holding on is here to wake you up to love yourself.

You probably heard it before: You can’t love others until you love yourself. You can’t help others until you help yourself. It all starts with you! – words which I have been intuitively using since the beginning although I had no real knowledge back then what exactly it meant.

I was applying this motto in each stage of my transformation until I learned my lessons!  

Your outer world is the reflection of your inner world. Until you master your inner world (emotions, thoughts) do not expect to change anything on the outside yet.

Start noticing how you feel, how you think, and what you think about. Pay attention to those emotions and deal with them. Write, journal, let it all out! The worst thing you can do is to ignore it, suppress, repress or expect, that someone else will do it for you. The world is perfect as it is.

Love is the answer to anything and everything. Unless you love yourself for who you are, with all your faults, mistakes, imperfection as you may think they are, you won’t know the real meaning of LOVE.


P.S.: Aren’t you fed up with the way you live when there is so much more you can experience/be/do and have? I work with women like you and teach them how to think so that they change their life and live& love to the fullest. You can book a free clarity call with me here.