sunset-5466866_640 What a 3-year-old niece has taught me

My younger brother was getting married this summer and despite the whole unsafe circumstances in the world I did manage to get home safely, in full health, and on time. I  enjoyed joyful moments with my family and many other members at the wedding.

But mostly, I got a big learning lesson from my 3-year-old niece – alias dancing queen of the night.

Michaela is a very quiet child and it’s easy to forget about her. She plays by herself most of the time and you hear from her mostly when she is hungry.

She doesn’t let people close to her very much, definitely not strangers – like me, seeing her after 6 months, and she chooses who she wants to get involved with very carefully.

I tried so many tricks, different faces, toys, games, sick and hide but it didn’t work. Not for her. It took me a while to understand her world and what she likes.

person-833587_640 What a 3-year-old niece has taught me

Eventually, I did manage to unlock her world. The secret key was through the music. I  had no idea how talented she is and how much she loves to dance, sing, and listen to music. I noticed it only at the wedding night when she was the center of attention dancing with total strangers for her and intuitively following the rhythm of the music. I was astonished by her and luckily, her Mum saved those moments by recording her.

While I was watching those videos after the wedding, she recognized the music. She came to me and when I showed her that  video of her dancing she jumped on my knees and we became best friends. From that moment on she had no problem talking to me, kissing me, hugging me, or laughing at my silly jokes. She let me play with her and her toys and even feed her.

As I discovered food is another secret tool to get into her world. Music and food.

children-817365_640 What a 3-year-old niece has taught me

Every time I was watching her I wondered how much little children can teach us. In her case, it was particularly her clear focus I admired the most. Her innocent resilience and being honest to real her. She was so clear on what she liked that she didn’t allow anything or anyone to disturb her unless it was something she wanted or liked – food or music. She didn’t care about pleasing anyone. She is honest with herself, to her natural gift and I can’t wait to see her performing on the stage as she grows older.  

I believe that each of us has that kind of unique gift inside of us despite our past, unpleasant events, or what others have told you you can or can’t. That unique gift inside of you is the key to entering the world you are here meant to live.

If you are in the situation feeling lost or confused, still looking for that special gift only you have, know, that you are not alone. I used to look for it, kept searching until my search has transformed into my mission. Today it’s my pleasure to help other women to find lost fulfillment and do what they love.

The key ingredient is to look inside of you. Your feelings are an indication of knowing which way to go. The key is feeling good. What is it for you that makes you laugh, happy, brings joy? What is it for you that makes your life worth living?

Children know it and do it automatically, they don’t waste their time to be happy, playful and enjoy themselves. Why do we complicate things when it can be so simple?