It all happened on Tuesday – the unconditional joy of giving and receiving.

On usual Tuesdays when I teach and learn at the same time. I meet with my friend and we chat for hours. About everything. Whats new, whats old, about life, the usual „girlie talk“.

The usual Tuesday has turned out to be an extraordinary gift I could have ever got. Let me tell how it all started, a little bit of Unconditional-joy-of-giving-and-receiving Unconditional joy of giving and receivingthe background that you can understand what I am talking about.

Me and my friend, let’s call her Susan, we used to go to the High School together but since we finished the school our journeys separated naturally with the last day in school. We haven’t heard about each other since then.

Then we met again. In London and by „coincidence“. Although there is no such a thing as coincidence.

We started to see each other once a time. As the time passed by and in London, it flies, our lives got busy. Until I decided to approach her with one business opportunity I came across.

She agreed. Although she hesitated at the beginning and wasn’t sure this is the right one for her. She was hungry for change

A decision that can change your life

I told her: Look, I don’t know if this is the final destination for you or not, but you need to take a step to change your life. You may find out that you love it or it will open up to you another opportunity at least. Either way, you got nothing to lose. So she took a leap to the unknown world and let me guide her.

She came on my board and since then its two of us. It has been a crazy year of new challenges and an incredible learning curve of personal growth. We are supporting each other, have a laugh and share our struggles together.

We meet every Tuesday and then once again on any other inspiring occasion.

Incredible usual Tuesday

We met as usual on Tuesday but this time something incredible happened. Susan looked different. She was full of new energy,The-unconditional-joy-of-giving-and-receiving Unconditional joy of giving and receiving good vibes, and peace. She went to the seminar last weekend. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell me her big revelation. She was telling me about the exercise they did and how many AHA click moments she had. Then she proudly said:

„We did a little exercise. It was about 3 people who most influenced my life. You were the first person who pops up in my head. You were on the top of the list. You are the person who showed me the world on new possibilities.“

I could see she is really struggling not to cry although her eyes were covered with tears. I was speechless myself. Our body was talking instead of our mind. We hugged each other and then I heard the warmest words I could ever hear: „ Thank you“. Her heart was talking and I could feel it. The unconditional joy of giving and receiving.

„You are giving me more than you think.“ It was all I could say. I was not able to say anything else. I felt enormous gratitude simply by teaching, coaching and sharing already what I know.

I had no idea what has happened and took me a while to process it all. I had to analyze it and understand what I felt.

Yep, I am still challenging myself to show my feelings. I did not have this feeling before. I am usually very short with my speech and still scared to show my big heart in full so this is my way to express myself and my big gratitude, the incredible unconditional joy I felt by giving.

Although I am crying right now while I am writing this story, I hope that my words will describe how good it does feel to give. Give with no expectations to get anything back, give because you can and you want.

I was thinking about this moment the whole afternoon when I remembered words from Tony Robbins: The key to receiving is giving.

Oh, this is what he meant. This time I understood not only in my mind but I felt it in my heart.

Giving is the biggest gift you can ever get.

Thank you, Susan, for accepting me for who I am and letting me be there for you.

This is the unconditional joy of giving and receiving of the new world, new life and limitless opportunities. To show you what’s possible. 

signature Unconditional joy of giving and receiving