2-stages-of-happiness-in-entrepreneurship-300x200 Why you can not skip these 2 stages of happiness in entrepreneurshipWhat stage of your happiness are you right now? Let‘s find out.

More and more people waking up and taking charge of their life. Probably you are one of them. You made a decision and even made a move. You are an Entrepreneur but are you happy? What stage of happiness do you need to improve to get there?

You are trying hard but nothing works.  You are feeding yourself with positive talks, watching motivational videos, listening best authors… you know exactly what to do and you are also doing it.

But… there is that but = it seems like nothing works and results not to come.

You know that something is wrong. Your life does not reflect your blueprint. Your image how you imagined it to be. The reality is different. Something important is missing. Your primary need is not fulfilled.

What to do in this case?

Stop trying so hard to be happy. Practicing gratitude is the best way to really appreciate what you have. Right there at the moment.  Be honest with yourself. No matter how bad things or your current situation is, you are alive, breathing and full of love. So practice and be grateful for each day you have.

But do not fool yourself if you are not truly happy. If you know that something is missing in your life, especially if it is in your power, then change it. Do it NOW. Do what is important to you!

The most important thing is to be true to yourself. The best way how to be happy is to accept, that you are not. Do not fight it anymore. Accept yourself that you want something more, you need something different or that things can be different for you than they are right now. Because you have the power to change it.

With accepting the reality comes a big relief. It is important to see the reality as it is. Not worse and not better. There is no right or wrong answer. And you know it. Accept, that something has to be changed and that you need to make a „move“.

In order to get the happy life, you need to be happy first. Let me explain:

There are 2 stages of happiness:2-stages-of-happiness-300x199 Why you can not skip these 2 stages of happiness in entrepreneurship

  1. Happiness in the present – where you are and with what you got – this takes self-discipline. Maybe you just need to change your attitude and look at things from a different angle.

This stage of happiness in your entrepreneurship is very important. Although it makes a perfect sense, the practice is not so obvious. In order to manifest your happiness, you need to be happy first.

So think about your life and learn to really appreciate everything you have or have been through. It is the process and learning curve. It is work on yourself. Your discipline.

Start by writing down at least 100 things you are grateful for in your life and thank for it. Involve meditation into your daily routine. For more help check out the book Power of Now. 

Slowly you will see changes happening in your life. Because you will change. Then you realize that you are moving into the second stage. One foot in the present and the other one in the future.

  1. Happiness in the future – your big vision, big goals and happy life full of abundance. Ideally, we want to get herestage-of-happiness-300x213 Why you can not skip these 2 stages of happiness in entrepreneurship straight away or as soon as possible, at least. You can not get here by skipping your stage one. When you do so as mentioned above you will experience a „shift“ in your life. You will be so sure about achieving your goal that everything you do will come out of you naturally.

Of course, there is always another level. Tha is ok. That is how it should be. Because only when you are growing you are living. There are always more and more people you can help. Only now you will have more resources to do so and able to help them even more.

This is my advice from my own experience. Me, as Entrepreneur being on my transformational journey for some time having a vision board, practicing meditation, affirmations, reading any book I was desperate to get to another level. I was trying so hard but nothing seemed to work for me.  Unless I heard about these 2 stages and put it into practice!

I was really honest with myself. I had big dreams, took action like many others Entrepreneurs but I was missing the happiness at the moment. I knew I had to make changes. I had to change my approach. I stopped chasing invisible and started to enjoy the visible. Seeing the world, people around me and myself with different eyes. Things started to change… Slowly and while I am enjoying the process…

I hope, you will be able to experience those changes in your life too.

What stage of happiness are you right now? If you are nowhere close and struggling to get into stage one or just a need a little tweak in your approach, maybe I can help you with that. Get in touch and let’s chat about your own stage of happiness with no commitments at all. 


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