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Goal Intention Implementation & Everlasting Change

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The new year, a fresh start, and a better you?

The new year is the magnet for fresh starts, new beginnings, and setting up goals.

BUT! Aren’t you fed up of another list, of new goal formulas or facing disappointment just because it didn’t work for you?

I can’t even tell you how many lists I have created for myself just to tear them up, how many old files I deleted to only face another disappointment.

Until I finally learned the little secret to creating everlasting change in my life.

The everlasting secret that works

Do you want to know what that secret is?

It all started the last year when my dear friend taught me how to create the vision board. Let me tell you, it wasn’t the first time I heard about it so after the first reaction – rolling my eyes I decided to carefully listen and do as I was told.

“What can I lose?”, I asked myself. She swore by it and I knew that unless I try it myself, there is nothing else I could say.

So I create my own vision board, placed it right on the wall in front of me to look at it each day, and let things happen for me.

Guess, what happened by the end of the year? I couldn’t wait to call my friend and report to her with a huge smile: 90 % of the things from my board came true!

She just smile and said: “I told you it works.”

The best part is that I wasn’t the only one who created the vision board. We run the event for other women who also successfully reported, that more than half of those dreams became reality for them too.

Ego vs Soul

Now I bet you are wondering what that secret is.

Many people set up their goals in their heads – they are ego-based.


Sending the intentions from their heart that are aligned with their soul purpose.

What’s the difference?

Ego based goal: I want to lose 20 kg this year.

Soul intention: I want to feel healthier, lighter, and happier this year.

Try to work with me on this one for a while and think about the goal you created for yourself. Is it ego based or the soul intention?

Different thoughts different reaction

Just follow the thought process with this example above: When I think about losing 20 kg, whole different reactions of thoughts, emotions, and actions come up to me than when I am thinking about feeling healthier.

  • I am much calmer and happier already instead of trying to push myself into the sport I don’t like and setting up myself for unrealistic expectations…
  • When I am thinking about healthier, my food choices are different than when thinking about losing 20kg and all kinds of food I can’t eat.

Can you see and feel the difference for yourself?

I hope you do and making changes in your goal setting already by now.

That’s the only secret I am able to share with you today.

To be honest, there is more to it to make your vision board work, and if you are curious to know more and want to join us for the event to learn more, join us here – a special group of like-minded and hearted women who are on their transformational journey to fulfilling life.

For now, let me send you warm hearted wishes to create your soul intentions and live the best year 2023 so far. What will it look like for you? How clear are you on the vision?

If you are not sure and want some help, this online training is specially designed for you.

With love,


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