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The Mystery Of Love

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Love is all around us

Love, sweet love is all around us…

Mystery of Love – aboutmartinak – clarity coaching

February is officially the month full of love, excitement, love, and sexuality.

All those beautiful feelings that we are craving for and want to experience as often as possible – it all starts long before we find the partner and before we understand the opposite sex and I am not talking only in terms of sexuality.

We need to understand ourselves before we can understand others.

The missing link to unconditional love

Does unconditional love exist or is it just a myth?

Tony Robbins says it all the time: relationships are not transactions, the greatest gift is giving.

While I fully believe and agree with him, here is the missing link many women have difficulties with or are still missing: 

We can only give what we have.

We can only give when you are full or have more than enough.

It’s our responsibility to ask for what we need, it’s our responsibility to find out what we need and fill it up.

“Loving” mistakes

The biggest mistake for many individuals is that we have no idea what we want, what we need, and what actually takes for us to make our own bucket full, replenish it, and recharge in order to keep giving and serving.

Sadly, many women assume that others know what we want, what we mean, or even what we think.

They have no clue. Their only guess is based on their own set of values, their priorities, and their point of view on the world and their experiences, and not even talking about differences between men and women that we are wired differently.

The worst part? We get angry, resentful, complain or even accuse others of not delivering what hasn’t been communicated in the first place.

The same applies the other way around: We give what we think the other person needs and we call it love. Or even we feel angry and not appreciated for something that nobody asked for or needed anyway.

How well do you know yourself?

Knowing yourself is extremely important! Whether it comes to your career, relationship, health, money, or any other of your life, it all starts with you!

Let me ask you simple questions: 

What does it take for you to feel loved?

What does it take for you to feel joyful?

What does it take for you to feel a certain way?

Asking the right questions can change your life. Literally! 

If we only knew what to ask! Right? 

That’s why having someone who has been through a similar journey of growth, and self-discovery can benefit you enormously too. 

Book your free clarity call here and enhance your life to a completely different level. 

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