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Energy Crisis and The Solution Itself

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The biggest energy crisis and the solution itself

The biggest energy crisis the world is suffering from. Prices are climbing up the enormous power and yet, it seems like we have no other option or solution to it other than to work harder to be able to cover bills and simply survive.

Our life whole life depends on it.

Let’s be real, without energy we are not able to function normally, or at least not for a long time. The whole system would collapse within a few days. Access to money would be cut and the dependence on food, the hunger would lead to the biggest revolution we hopefully will never experience.

And yet… it could be the greatest moment and the opportunity for the whole of humanity to return back to basics and to the real values that matter the most. Moments when we would be left only with nothing less than to help, rely on and trust each other.

So why is the energy crisis such a big deal? Is it really about the energy or is there a bigger motive behind it all?

As mentioned before, energy is the vehicle that keeps moving the whole economy. Control over energy means control over prices, money, greed, and even greater control over people.  

But it goes even deeper than that and it has a long history – many years back in our civilization.

We have forgotten that we are all energy. Our natural skills, the true knowledge of who we are, and our psychic abilities were taken from us long before we can even remember.

Our memories were a re-programmed long time ago and we were born into the world of the matrix that has been created by entities hungry for power and greed.

The world is changing.

People are waking up and the truth has been uncovered, slowly but surely. More and more people are gaining back their psychic skills and abilities and although the majority seems like they are still sleeping, the current energy crisis is a great sign that people are taking their power back.

Because here is the truth. We are all energy. We all have the access to the free energy that is available to all of us.

Can you just imagine what would happen to all “powerless” leaders who are trying to control humanity through the technology that seems like we wouldn’t survive without it?

Can you imagine how the world would change when all of us were free and no longer depend on the system that is collapsing anyway?

It may seem like science fiction to most people, but the reality is that the world is in its direction already.

Will you wake up and gain your power back?  

Isn’t it a paradox that we are facing the biggest energy crises while each of us has the access to its solution?

The change starts with you and within.

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