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Dancing with certainty amidst chaos

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Articles | 0 comments

Uncertainty - only a word?

Uncertainty – ufff… what does this word mean to you? What kind of emotions does it bring up for you? What kind of thoughts? 

Uncertainty = is just a word and so many different meanings: the fear of the unknown, not feeling safe, or secure enough – is certainly a killer that is stopping many women from taking empowering action forward to living a fulfilling life.

How to embrace uncertainty when nothing is guaranteed in this life?

When everything is changing and nothing is constant whether you like it or not.

People coming and leaving our life, no relationship is certain, kids leaving home, the economy is changing and no job or business is stable in today’s world, natural catastrophes are happening more and more often and the list could go on and on…

Is there a way to get more certain in today’s world full of uncertainty?

Better prepared than sorry

I certainly have some say in it when I found myself rebuilding life a few times already.

I used to think that protection was the right answer to it. Get as many insurances as you can get.

I moved to the city with plenty of opportunities so when the company closed down for whatever reason, I still had plenty of other options to choose from. I learned different skills to be adaptable and valuable to the market.

I didn’t get too attached to people so when they leave me, I don’t miss them anyway.

But my biggest safety was with earning money.  Working hard, and saving as much as possible so that when the job is gone or something is needed, I am covered and safe.

And that’s a pretty sensible decision, don’t you think? Life has taught me to become strong, and resourceful, rely on myself, and protect myself. Better to be prepared than sorry, right?

Certainty within

But to be honest, that was a pretty empty place to live in. Not having fulfilling relationships, not allowing myself to go out and create special memories, or being stuck in a job you hate just because you are worried something bad will happen.

Look, having those safety pillars in today’s world is truly essential and I believe it is a kind of necessity and duty to build in order to survive, protect and provide for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

But there is a difference between living in fear and abundance. There is a difference between surviving and thriving.

Real certainty comes from being certain within you.

Certainty as muscle

What does it mean?

It’s the muscle you got to train each and every day. By taking one step at a time, by being ok with not being ok. By getting uncomfortable, by processing your fear of the unknown or the past hurt.

Don’t expect to get certain overnight because there is no such thing. There is no such video, or podcast to make you more certain, there is no such information to build your muscle.

I don’t mean by taking crazy actions anywhere to prove to yourself how strong you are. I am talking about empowering actions toward fulfilling the life you desire.

No matter where you are now, what you do, challenges do and will happen. The more you grow, the bigger and tougher decisions you will be able to handle.

Inspiring leaders are not successful because they have money and all choices to pay with that money, they are successful and leading visions because they are able to make bigger, tougher, and more important decisions.

Yes, they have great and wise people to surround themselves with, they have access to different knowledge and different opportunities and they have all that because they have built that certainty within themselves.

They vibrate at a different level of energy and hang up with different people because that’s who they are – who they have become.

Who are you becoming? Who are you choosing to become each and every day?

My darling, that certainty starts by having clarity on yourself, knowing yourself, your needs, and your calling, and serving from the full cup and with an open heart by doing what you are meant to do and being who you are.

Are you ready to embrace that uncertainty and live fully?

Clarity is superpower

Why do you keep putting our dreams on hold when there is a way to combine it all?
I believe life is too short to separate work from joy.
I believe there is always a way to create and do what you love and get paid for it.
The only question is do you know what it is?
Clarity is your superpower.
Clarity is simple when you connect with who you really are.
The deeper you go, the more transparent you become.
It’s simple but not easy.
But certainly worth diving deeper. 

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