Self-Care and Better YOU! Openly, Honestly, Getting Real and Practical.

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– How many times have you found yourself exhausted?

– How many times have you felt unappreciated for all your hard work and effort?

– How many times have you found yourself resentful when you gave more than you should?

Giving from an empty cup is not giving and sadly, it often ends up in resentment, guilt, shame, or an act of duty instead of love.

Probably you have heard it before: You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.

Sadly, many women never experience the real meaning of those words.

But here is the thing:

True love starts with you and your self-care!

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Get Visual On Your Next BEST Year 2022 - Hands On Vision Board clarity online retreat

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The world is changing and the new normal hasn’t been developed yet…

That’s a perfect opportunity for YOU to step up for yourself and create the life you truly desire.

Let me invite you to an online retreat to “Create Your Own 2022 Vision Board” a powerful workshop to create YOUR next best year by design. It will be hosted by myself and my dear friend – successful Entrepreneur Zhanna Shpits.

During this 4 hour retreat you will get:

– Clarity on what your next best move is
– Get your OWN Vision Board created by the end of the retreat
– Celebration party at the end of 2021 and launch your new desires for 2022 on a high note with clarity, confidence & certainty

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