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Two Biggest Killers – TIME & MONEY Pressure

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Two greatest deal breakers often determine whether you make it or it will break you, especially if you are on your transition journey.

While money is a completely different story and a big topic for another time, let me at least touch base on the time issue.

Lack of time

I have been meeting women and they often say to me that lack of time is their biggest issue.

I have been in your shoes too. Working full time or having a few part-time jobs, building a side business, family duties, and still having some time for yourself to recharge and reset? That’s not a rosy path, that’s life.

I get it, once you commit to something new, you can’t wait to be on the other side.

Except, the reality is different.

While you get there, there is a whole bunch of work you must put into place … and nobody has told you before…

The myth of time

Why is it that many people fall for the myth with time?

Why myth? Because many people think that having more time would help them to grow their businesses faster and it would solve their problems.

Let me explain, why this idea is not true. You don’t need more tasks to do, you need to do only key tasks. What does it mean? Let me use my own example.

When I finally got the point of business, when I had all the time just to dedicate to my business as I wished for, guess what?

I created more work for myself to do. Was I more effective? Was I more productive? Hell no!

My coach was pointing out to me that I was on my best and fastest way to burn out if I keep doing working as I was.

After 3 months I felt exhausted and admitted he was right. I was not only exhausted, but my body collapsed to give me a big warning.

I was asking myself: How is it possible then that others get results when they have only 1/3 of the time I have when I was busting my ass off working full time on my business, sometimes even longer and hardly was moving anywhere?

Key activities

The answer was pretty simple: They cut through the noise and get productive things done.

Simple, right? See, productive people don’t need more time on doing key activities to get results. Even if they have more time, they usually spend it on other projects or some other stuff that fills them up.

But here is my point.

What are your key activities to get you results?

What’s stopping you from doing them?

Many times we spend all the time we have just figuring out what those key activities are or walking around them!

Can you relate to it?

Business with holes

Most likely you are lacking the foundation which starts with YOU!

Instead, we are trying to build a business with holes that were there from the beginning.

Starting something new is not such a big deal as staying loyal to it. Especially, when the 2 biggest killers keep showing up – lack of money and time pressure.

That’s why cutting through the noise and getting clarity on the foundation is not only a time and money saver, but it’s also the fastest way to move forward in a long run.

You can either spend your days working and doing many tasks to keep yourself busy or you can get clear on what matters to you!

Trust me, I have been in your shoes and it’s a long and painful way to go.

Because you can cut through the noise, cut out all BS, and focus on what’s important to you.

If that’s the path you want to explore more, I got something special for you.

This clarity online training will help you to cut through the noise and get real with yourself.

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